Buying local food makes a big impact.


When you support local agriculture directly, you are helping build a healthier farm and ranch community.

We are a small ranch passionate about both producing high quality, ethically raised meats, and increasing community resilience through direct to consumer agricultural practices. We want to build relationships, not scale.

As a consumer, you have an undeniable opportunity

to impact the future of food production.


The more direct and more consistent your purchase—the greater impact your dollars have.

Becoming a monthly subscriber to our meat (CSA) Community Supported Agriculture not only saves you money and guarantees product availability, it's also the very best way to support the work we do.

We hope you'll consider joining!


I have been a customer of Harper Valley Ranch for over a year and I constantly recommend their CSA to everyone I can. Sandy and Eric love their animals. It shows in the quality of their products. They raise the finest beef I've every eaten and the fact that I can get the best steak on earth from my own kitchen is Amazing! I appreciate that Sandy genuinely cares about her animals, but also about her customers. She knows me and my family and cares enough to take the time to get our likes and dislikes so we're happy with every delivery. Five starts every time. I highly recommend!

Kristi — Boise


We freeze immediately and then deliver to you. No thawing in between!

Our meat is frozen as soon as it's cut. The meat remains frozen until you unthaw it for dinner.

Most meat you purchase in the grocery store has been previously frozen. Meat is frozen when processed, but it often thaws during transport, and is usually re-frozen again at the distributor. Often someone will assume that unfroze means fresher, but with long distance supply chains this is rarely the case. The more times meat is frozen, partially thawed and refrozen, the more destruction to the cell the ice causes and the lower the quality becomes.


Defrosting Correctly

Frozen meat can become problematic only if it is frozen and refrozen or if it is defrosted improperly. For the best taste and quality, it is critical for
to defrost it in the fridge over the appropriate amount of time (depending on lbs.) Defrosting in the microwave dramatically enhances the cell damage and can produce a dry tasteless product. It is well worth a little extra planning!

Spatchcocked barbecue chicken al mattone


The answer is simple—it's the best solution for our customers. 

We strongly believe that buying local is good for you, good for the environment and good for the future.

We are often told by consumers that they understand the need to buy local so they do their shopping at stores that stock local products. We are so glad these options exist!

Now take it one step farther—consider how purchasing directly from farmers and ranchers dramatically increases their income, and consequently, their ability to continue tuning their business to meet the unique needs of their community. 

We believe that by creating a directly supported relationships with you, we not only greatly increase our chance of survival as a business, but we also have an opportunity to impact the fabric of our community in a positive way. Now that is a win-win!