About Us

Harper Valley Ranch is a 120 acre family ran ranch in Eastern Oregon.  HVR was founded with the commitment to sustainable practices and the aim to provide the best in small scale, pastured meats. We do not administer ongoing antibiotic treatments, utilize feedlots, steroids or growth hormones.We strive to raise quality meat in an environment that is low stress, humane and natural for our animals as possible


Our goal is to provide safe and healthy meat at a competitive price. Farm to table is a lot more than a catch phrase for us, we encourage your questions and involvement.  We want you to be as sure as we are that your meat is safe and healthy. 


We believe in transparency and open dialogue. If you have any questions about the ranching practices at Harper Valley, please call, text  or e-mail.  We love to talk about the ranch and our animals.



aka- the boss

Sandy is pretty much the HVR Ranch Boss. She does everything from tending to all the animals, running the ranch, and yes, even running the dozer. Sandy has been a country girl, a city girl and now a cowgirl. Her education in communications has helped her convince the ranch hand she's been right for the last 20 years


aka- the ranch hand

Spending most of his time building, modifying or fixing what the Boss says, it's a good thing the ranch hand spent most of his adult life as an engineer. The Boss and the Ranch Hand have taken on many projects over the years, but he admits HVR has been the biggest and most rewarding. 


aka- the mighty clydey

Don't let his good looks fool you. Clyde is Harper Valley's primary security guard, and he takes his job very seriously. Located in the high desert, Harper Valley Ranch used to have some unwelcome coyote friends...not so much since Clyde got hired on to the HVR payroll. Clyde is a wonderful, pure bred Great Pyrenees. He watches over the Cows, Calves, Alpacas, Jacob Sheep, Chickens, Peacocks and even the ranch kittens. He has truly raised the security level for the HVR team.


aka- the cow whisperer

This Handsome fellow keeps everyone in line...literally. Tanuki (Japanese for Racoon) is a 45lb Border Collie cross who helps out when the herd isn't quite behaving. Driven primarily on instinct and a few suggestions, Tanuki has just the right mixture of bark