The Secret Tender To Sirloin

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Oh how I love Tenderloin steak but, there is more to beef than Tenderloin. Sirloin and Sirloin Tip Steak from Harper Valley Ranch has an amazing flavor and an even better price tag but is not often noted for its extreme tenderness.


With the winter in full swing making outdoor projects harder to tackle we've been experimenting in the kitchen. We tried almost all of the meat tenderizing methods google provided. Some ideas are super strange and some tried and true like marinades and salt.


The somewhat surprising winner of our tenderizer research is Papaya. Papaya has proven to be a quick and simple way to capture the flavor, enjoy the price and increase the tenderness of sirloin and other cuts.


Papaya contains an enzyme called papain. Papain works as a meat tenderizer by breaking down the connective tissues of the meat that it comes into contact with. The greener the Papaya the higher the content of papain but a ripe fruit will still yield great results.


Here's what to do: Peel the papaya deep enough to reveal the flesh. Cut the papaya in half and scoop out any seeds. Chop the papaya into small cubes and mash it into a paste or use a food processor to puree.


Spread about 2 Tablespoons per pound over both sides of the steak and massage into the meat. Let this mixture sit for about an hour per pound at ROOM TEMPERATURE. Rinse meat well, pat dry with a paper towel, season (I prefer salt, pepper, and a splash of Worcestershire) cook as desired.

Remember Grass Finished meat cooks quickly and is best served rare to medium-rare. The Papaya is also going to effect the color of the meat but don't let this concern you.