Our First Chicken Tractor

What the heck is a Chicken Tractor?

A chicken Tractor is a lite weight moveable structure with an open floor.

Why would you want a chicken Tractor?

Chicken Tractors allow birds acess to fresh forage while still being protected from predators and the elements. The Chicken Tractor is designed to be moved on a daily basis so the flock is constantly exposed to fresh grass and bugs. The open floor insures birds are not walking on wire and allows them to preform their normal job in nature.

The Chicken Tractor utilizes the natural, symbiotic cycle of birds foraging, eating down vegetation removing thatch and fertilizing all while enjoying fresh air, sunshine and clean forage.

Joel Salatin of Poly Face Farms is often credited with first utilizing the Chicken Tractor for profitable production.

My husband, Eric searched many sites for a design and then incorporated what he thought would work for our property. We know there will be adjustments as we go along. For now we have our first batch of meat birds foraging close to the house as I am still at the check on them constantly stage. As summer progresses they will move to on of our pasture areas.

Does this mean Harper Valley Ranch will be adding chicken to the menu?

That would be the goal but we want to make sure we can produce a quality product before we have a public offering. Stay tuned for updates.

The Chicken Tractor

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