The GREAT Pyrenees

A Great Pyrenees is so much more than a Livestock Guardian Dog. When first meeting a Pyr people are often concerned as they are large and bred to protect livestock from predators. After living with a Pyr I now realize that like many things big and intimidating, they have a big soft spot for babies.

A couple of years ago Clyde (our Pyr) brought me an almost dead, very sick Kitty in his mouth. While I was trying to warm the baby up he proceeded to bring 3 more kitties. " But Clyde" I protested "I'm really not a cat person." Clyde persisted and now we have 4 very spoiled ranch kitties who think they are entitled to constant treats and attention. I guess that makes me a cat person with an amazing dog.

Since originally posting this story we lost our beloved Clyde. His predecessor Natasha hasn't embraced all of the Guard Dog responsibilities Clyde covered. However, her personality traits are so similar it's almost earie. We like to think Clyde gives her advice and guidance. I know she doesn't listen to me, as making their own decisions is another important Pyrenees trait.

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