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What is CSA?

CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) is an ongoing, direct relationship between a producer and a consumer. Essentially, it's a subscription that renews monthly and that can be canceled at any time.


How CSA Works

CSA subscriptions are based on a specified quantity and type of cut. Most boxes consist of steaks, roasts and ground meat. Since our boxes are customizable we can tailor them to meet you needs. However, we are not able to accommodate every order since we have limits on stock. For instance, we wouldn't be able to fulfill 10 lbs of premium filets every week!


Why We Love CSA

Transparency and accountability are part of the relationship—and that's what we want. Our goal is to establish long term relationships with a small group of customers—not to maximize our production. We are passionate about producing healthy quality meat in a manner that is ethical for our animals and the land.

How CSA's Change Food Ecosystems

Small producers simply cannot compete with factory farming and high-density feedlots. Currently, 85% of the beef consumed in America is produced by 4 companies. This density of power creates an opaque relationship between consumers and producers. We believe that directly supporting farms and ranches who you believe in is the best way to directly support local agriculture. It makes our processes and volumes easier to predict and manage, which means we can spend more time improving systems and environments for our animals and less time marketing.  


When you join a CSA, you are effectively committing to supporting the future of local food systems directly. 

We will always be here to keep you updated and are 100% transparent. If you have a question, we are here to connect. Please call or email us any time.